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Gadgets 360 Staff , 14 April 2017
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These days enabling automatic updates has become the norm on practically every operating system. This has its benefits - you don’t have to manually download updates to apps and all critical security patches are downloaded automatically to your phone or computer.

Enabling automatic updates on a smartphone doesn’t really bother most people. Sometimes apps may start crashing after updates but by and large, apps continue to work as expected after updates. You’re also unlikely to be using a bunch of apps at the same time. However, that’s not true on a or a PC.

At any point we’ve got at least eight apps open. Enabling automatic updates is convenient but not the best idea because apps have to be closed before installation can begin. That prompt tends to interrupt our workflow and we’d rather not deal with it in the middle of the work day.

First up, let’s figure out how to enable or disable automatic updates on Mac.

macOS automatic update options

That covers the basics. If you follow these steps, you will either enable or disable the system’s automatic checks for app and macOS updates. There are other options here that let you choose when you want to download and install updates.

The first option is Download available updates in the background . This is enabled by default and macOS automatically downloads all updates in the background and prompts you when they are ready to install. If you disable this, you’ll simply get a notification stating that updates are available. Downloading updates in the background is generally a good idea as you don’t have to wait for downloads to complete when you manually update. However, if you often use cellular data on your Mac, you might end up with a big data bill if you leave this option checked.

The second option is Install app updates and the third one is Install macOS updates . If you enable these both, the system will automatically install - not just download - all updates. We don’t recommend this for most people as it tends to interrupt what you’re doing and gives updates first priority. These options are not enabled by default.

The fourth option is Install system data files and security updates . This is also enabled by default and we recommend that you let it be enabled. It pushes critical security patches to your Mac as soon as they are available, so it’s best have this on at all times.

This should answer your queries around automatic updates on macOS. For OS updates, macOS also lets you automatically install them late at night when you aren’t using the machine. This option pops up as a notification to install updates when you are working, but you can snooze that and have the updates installed at night.

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Building peace in the minds of men and women

On International Mother Language Day 2018, celebrated every year on 21 February, UNESCO reiterates its commitment to linguistic diversity and invites its Member States to celebrate the day in as many languages as possible as a reminder that linguistic diversity and multilingualism are essential for sustainable development.

UNESCO has been celebrating International Mother Language Day for nearly 20 years with the aim of preserving linguistic diversity and promoting mother tongue-based multilingual education.

Linguistic diversity is increasingly threatened as more and more languages disappear. One language disappears on average every two weeks, taking with it an entire cultural and intellectual heritage.

Nevertheless, progress is being made in mother tongue-based multilingual education with growing understanding of its importance, particularly in early schooling, and more commitment to its development in public life.

This year, UNESCO commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its bold statement that ‘no discrimination can be made on the basis of language’, and celebrates its translation into more than 500 languages.

“Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language , religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status..” Article 2, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (link is external) , 1948


UNESCO also uses the day to focus on linguistic diversity and multilingualism as an integral part of sustainable development, and in particular to realize targets 4.6 and 4.7 of Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) on education.

The SDGs depend on linguistic diversity and multilingualism as a vital contribution to global citizenship education as they promote intercultural connections and better ways of living together.

Message from UNESCO Director-General, Audrey Azoulay:

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Event at UNESCO

The event will be marked at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris by a language experts’ debate on the theme "Our languages, our assets” in collaboration with the Brooklyn Supply Co Muscle Fit Jeans With Paint Splatters Mid splatter Brooklyn Supply Co g8RT8U6CT

Partner How to celebrate Mother Language Day in your school


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